Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Day

I looked up my blog to send the link to someone sharing the same pain and suffering. I figured that I haven't written in a while so maybe I should jot a few lines.

I am still at my new job, just finished my 3 month probation so my new insurance starts on October 1st~ !!!!!!! I am so excited! I have been clean for 2 months! You know when an addict says they have been clean for a certain period of time, we cheer them on. However I do not enjoy being clean. My body without meds is useless. I have 3 different kinds of high blood pressure meds that I need back on with along with a high cholesterol (but my cholesterol is good they give it to me because of the high blood pressures, they don't want to take any chances!). I have two bipolar meds that I have been without and a fibromyalgia med. The fibromyalgia med I started back on Friday. I have high stomach sensitivity with it so they have a start-up pack which slowly increases your dose over a 2 week period. Since I knew I would be getting my meds soon I asked for a start up from Dr. Kim.
The Savella has a anti-depressant in it so my mood has started to change; for the better. I tell you I am very lucky because if there was ever a time that I deserved for Tim to leave me, it has been in these last two months. I really honestly don't know how he has stood me. My daughter has stayed hidden out, which I don't blame her. Fortunately I have schooled her in bipolar enough that she understands what goes with the territory.

I keep promising to blog more but I have been so busy with my job and I started selling Scentsy. I have been using Facebook to keep up with selling it and learning what is new. So if I don't come back to this page for a while its because I am keeping somewhat afloat!