Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Rose
This is par's little sister Rose. She is two. Just look at the wonder in this amazing little face!

The 1st

its the first of the month, the best time of the month. most of my residents tend to stay to themselves working and raising their family. but the 1st of the month is my time. one by one they come strolling into the office carrying a little slip of paper, a money order or their check for rent. most don't fill them out they ask me to do it for them. which i am happy to do because the same thing always happens. first they try very hard to remember their address and i like watching them sign their names. some have never written their names before and some have locked in their creativity and designed a great signature. some are slow to make sure they make each letter in their name perfect and other sign feverishly! then the best part- they thank you over and over again with a huge smile on their simple and innocent faces.
some are dressed in their native garb, others showing their new american style that they have adapted to. some ready to go to work and some smelling of alcohol because they just got off of work and it is 8 am and they need to unwind before catching some sleep.
every chance i get, i stop to play with the children. listening to their soft little voices as they describe how old they are and what their name is.

no matter how bad my day maybe going at that point nothing seems to matter more than stopping to take time with these people. with them i have learned more about patience and understanding than i have ever known.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


received word yesterday that daddy will be having bypass surgery this next week. they will do one artery that is 95% blockage, then a day or two later they will do the other 4 arteries. his doctors are wonderful and give him high odds for success.
they told my sister genny to try to keep him down and resting. obviously this new doctor does not know daddy! however in our conversation tonight he is tired and he knows that the doctors are true in their word. the doctor explained that while one of his brothers had bypass surgery several years ago, uncle jimmy's death might had been prevented if he had seen a cardiologist.
it was hard to hear my daddy say that he was worried and scared. i have never seen my daddy sick. i didn't get to meet my daddy until i was 16 years old. he and my momma were not married when i was conceived. i was given up for adoption and raised in a town 85 miles away. growing up i had a need to connect. i always looked for them because i had a few names that my adopted parents kept for me since the adoption. i started a serious search when i was 16. it only lasted 2 days! not only did i find my mom but she told me that she and my dad married about a year after i was born.
when meeting the family, genny and daddy were the first ones i got to meet. of course no one is what you expect them to be, especially when you are a kid and have dreamed of your parents all your life. daddy is a simple man, he had been a truck driver turned county employee that owned cattle and rental houses.
the first thing i noticed was his tired face and the fact i got my eyes from him. that day i learned where my characteristics came from and so much more. over the years i have learned his values and principals, without him raising me or guiding me. he has earned a deep respect from me. this man loves his family, loved my mother until the day she died, his children, her children and all the grandchildren. he loves me and even told me the story of when he and momma went together to the welfare agency after they married and asked if i had been adopted or if they could get me back. this man, after meeting me never once tried to parent me. if i asked for advice, i got it. if i asked for respect, i got it. if i asked for love, i got it.
daddy came into my life after my adopted dad james passed away. although one daddy was never meant to replace the other i feel god had intended for me to always  have a person in my life to call daddy.
i know daddy's surgery is left in gods hands and i know that he will take care of him. i have reason to believe that i have time ahead to make many more memories with daddy.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


happy new year!
i can honestly say this is the best new years i have ever had. Tim asked what i had done in the past. i didn't have to think about it, because there was not anything to think about. Either i had been married to someone who didn't want to celebrate, single and stayed home alone or dating someone who didn't want to celebrate. Wow how sad is that?
i would have to say that Tim planned a special night that i don't think can be topped!
dinner, dancing, drinks. a kiss to bring in the new year! a stay at the ambassador and breakfast. while all of that was so nice and it was exciting to be out and doing something, i think the best part was knowing he worked hard at planning a special evening for us and kept it secret until the moment we drove up to our destination! there is something to be said for a man who plans a date! after this event and our first date he planned, what could be next?