Monday, January 3, 2011

The 1st

its the first of the month, the best time of the month. most of my residents tend to stay to themselves working and raising their family. but the 1st of the month is my time. one by one they come strolling into the office carrying a little slip of paper, a money order or their check for rent. most don't fill them out they ask me to do it for them. which i am happy to do because the same thing always happens. first they try very hard to remember their address and i like watching them sign their names. some have never written their names before and some have locked in their creativity and designed a great signature. some are slow to make sure they make each letter in their name perfect and other sign feverishly! then the best part- they thank you over and over again with a huge smile on their simple and innocent faces.
some are dressed in their native garb, others showing their new american style that they have adapted to. some ready to go to work and some smelling of alcohol because they just got off of work and it is 8 am and they need to unwind before catching some sleep.
every chance i get, i stop to play with the children. listening to their soft little voices as they describe how old they are and what their name is.

no matter how bad my day maybe going at that point nothing seems to matter more than stopping to take time with these people. with them i have learned more about patience and understanding than i have ever known.

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