Thursday, November 1, 2012


Met with Dr. Reddy yesterday. I like him, he is a very soft spoken doctor, but very informative. He draws you pictures and graphs and tells you everything up front. Here is everything I learned yesterday.

HER2 is negative - thats a good thing, easier to treat.

Everything right now depends on BRCA test, MRI and meeting with Surgeon.

Could choose surgery first or maybe chemo first depending on size of tumor.

The tumor is now 3 cm from 2 cm. They are not sure if it is from swelling and blood from biopsy two weeks ago. We will not know until MRI.

MRI will show if it has spread or if cancer cells are anywhere else in my body. If anywhere else, then they will have to biopsy those areas before surgery.

They will have to rid the cancer in the breast. Once a breast has been sterilized with radiation, you can  no longer receive radiation in that area. If cancer comes back to that area they can only treat it, not cure it.

My KI-67U is 25%. Ideal is under 10%. They are not real happy with 25%. This how fast the cancer cells multiply.

Today I did get good news. The BRCA is back and it is negative. I do not have the cancer gene. This would have given me a 50-60% chance of cancer coming back in the other breast or having ovarian cancer.

Tomorrow morning in my MRI. They are putting a rush on it to be back to Dr. Holloway my surgeon by Monday afternoon.  I am just trying to drink lots of water between now and in the morning so they can get a good vein. Keep your fingers crossed!

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