Saturday, December 11, 2010

Elizabeth Edward December 7,2010 God Rest Her Soul

A daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend. A lover, a fighter. A woman blessed with the love of her children.
With the announcement of Elizabeth's battle with cancer, I started to keep track of her pledge to her children, her fight against a raging disease, the political roller coaster and the affair of her husband made public by the media. Having experienced a cheating husband and cancer, i still could not fathom having to deal with the two at once! Being sentenced with a disease that could potentially end your life, you become consumed with a battle that you cannot fight alone. you need to draw on the strength of your family. But how do you do that when your husband's strength is dedicated to another woman? How could he? A woman who stood beside him during his long political career. She traveled with him, helped him with his campaign, gave him beautiful children, she raised them to honor their father. She kept his home and rallied behind him. For this she paid with lies.
Elizabeth's greatest love was meant for her children. During her illness she wrote a "dying letter" to her children. In this letter she gave instructions to life. From how to core a head of lettuce to how to chose a church. She wanted the children to be prepared for not only for her death and life without her but life in the future, life in general.
The Edwards children will mourn their mothers death and we can only hope that the media will allow for some privacy. We wish peace to fill the hole in their heart left by their mother. These children will grow up to be strong parents due to shining example they were given in their mother, Elizabeth.

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