Thursday, December 2, 2010

Los amigos/ Marafiki / أصدقاء


Sui and Par, friends til the end. Watching the friendship of growing children is amazing. Have you watched your child lately with their friends? How do they act, what do they say, what are their hand gestures or shoulder shrugs? These things are tail tale signs of the individual they will grow up to be. Are they caring, loving, and genuinely interested in what the other has to say? Or do they become the dominate leader or take the backseat her?
You can also tell alot about yourself in your child and the way they treat their friends. Children and how you raise them is a reflection of yourself. Have you ever stopped and thought, "oh my! I really need to discuss with her why we don't say things like that!"?
Sui and Par are two of the refugee children living in our area. I have had many opportunities to watch how they interact with one another. I have attended school and Bible study with them and have even shared my food with them. Par is the leader of this lovely little pack. Sometimes bossy but still has a very loving way with Sui. Sui by no means takes the backseat! But she is not as quick as Par to speak or express her ideas. But I watch these two walking home from school and walking through out the neighborhood. I see them arm in arm, laughing, whispering, and helping one another along the way. I stop to wonder is the influence of the western culture? No matter where the influence began, I do know one thing, these two little girls  have taught me about friendship.
As the days, weeks and months grow on I am sure that I will continue to add posts about my little friends, Sui and Par. I hope you enjoy.

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