Saturday, December 11, 2010


This pain racking through my body. Another day without relief. Watching a movie with Tim last night and I know it could not have been fun. I couldn't stay still.
Another week gone by that is totally stressing only to wake up at 7 on Saturday morning in so much pain that I couldn't go back to sleep! I took a darvoset just so that I could sleep. Waking up two hours later the pain still there I started letting my imagination wander like I did when I had the pain when I was a kid. I guess this was my form of pain management. When I had migrains I would think about opening a vein with a needle and the pain flowing out slowly. As the I visualized that the pain would start to easy. But now its a little different. This morning the pain in my hips was so severe I visualized my legs being disconnected at the hip joint. It didn't work. At this point the regular medication is not working. pain medication is not working. Is this what I have to look forward too? Over the last 4 years my pain has increased. is it going to continue to increase?
Rest is recommended, but how can you rest when you are in so much pain? I spend my weekends recooperating from my workweek. I would like to just be able to catch a break!

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