Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1, 2012

    This is me and Nebo*, I'm sporting my new Cabela's cap. This is not just any cap, it's a special cap. It is lined with fleece to keep my soon to be (micro-mini haircut tomorrow) bald head warm.
    Also what makes it so special is because it was given to me by my sister Regina, brother-in-law Steve, and the worlds best two nephews Hayden and Jaxon. I requested a Cabela's cap when I first found out I was going to have chemo for two reasons. One because I love the Cabela brand (unpaid endorsement!). Second it reminds me of my time in Lockhart with my family.
   After my divorce my sister said "you need to move home". Home? Lockhart was not my home, and I did not want to move back to Brownwood and bad memories from Abilene still linger. She explained I needed to come home to family. She was right. What little family I had there, she, Steve and the boys and my cousin Tim and his beautiful family, turned into a bigger family when we attended church at Lockhart Church of Christ (miss you all so much!) and I worked at Southpark Village apartments. 
    Our Sunday ritual after getting out of church was to eat some bbq from Chisholm Trail then we would drive to Buda to Cabelas. They have everything sporting!  They have an aquarium. This was Hayden's favorite place to go. We used to joke that when Hayden goes on his very first date (many, many, many, many years from now!) that would be where he would take the girl. I do not know how many hours we could spend walking through there, or how many hours Steve and Gina still do! Those are very special memories for me. Watching the fish with Hayden, shopping the Bargain Cave with Gina, and practicing at the indoor shooting range next to Steve. 
Gina, I have another request.... a Cabela's slumber party!!!! Do you think they would let us have a slumber party in the store??? I could get my girls here and we could have a road trip to Buda to meet everyone. We could dress in Cabela's jammies, cook Cabela's food on a Coleman (maybe not!), sleep in the tents setup upstairs! We could play hide n seek! ( I already have a list of hiding places started!).
Ok, this post ran a lot longer than I expected. As you see it is ode to family!
Gina, Steve, Hayden, and Jaxon, I love you each. Gina you are my rock. Steve thank you for building us a wonderful family. Hayden and Jaxon you are Aunt Kimmie's boys, your smiles warm my heart and every story I can get about you from Mom and Dad makes me love you even more.
Love you all. 

*Nebo is my rescue cat I have had for a while now. He was rescued first by the Pampa Fire Department in an abandoned house fire, then rescued by PAWS of Pampa from the Pampa Humane Society the day he was to be put down. When I got him he was 5.8 pounds. He now weighs over 14 lbs! He is my guardian, watching over me when I sleep and guards the house while I am at work.

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