Monday, December 31, 2012

Viewers Needed

I hope this post finds you well on New Years of Eve.
I have a request that may seem all too simple for some which have been blogging for quite a while, but I would like to see my viewership increase. I know that I cannot expect a whole lot being that it is a tiny piece of my heart and brooches a subject that not everyone is comfortable with hearing. I first started this little thing as an information train for my family and friends. Finding out you have been diagnosed is horrible then to have to tell people is another. Everyone wants to hear your condition and prognosis and I was just not up for telling the stories over and over again. I thought this would be better.

Then after Chemo started and I found different side affects and I had to look them up, I came across some great sites that help and great information that might just help someone in your list of family and friends. Let me tell you when going through Chemo there is just about nothing you will not try to stop some of the side effects.

I want this to be a place where others want to comment. Please if you blogg, message me suggestions to make it better. I am not saying I won't contact you to ask you to help me figure out especially while I have Chemo brain! I want to be fun, informative, shocking to some extent and a place where I can bear my heart and you can too. I want links of wonderful sites i have found to help me get through this all.

So my proposal. I will be sharing this on FaceBook, Google+1, and email. I have a goal to have 100 viewers join by January 5. I think this could be done. Anyone joining now till midnight of that night is eligible for a homemade gift sent by me to the person coming the longest way away! Just be sure after you join, post at the bottom of this post a note to me. I will message you for your address.  Another gift will go out to those who go on an read some of my past posts since October of this year. You will need to leave a message under the post that you had read it. There will be a drawing for several small gifts to those who read the most. This again, the deadline is midnight January 5th.
Happy Reading! And share, share, share!

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  1. i have read all your posts....i love & miss you so much!!!