Sunday, December 30, 2012

The eve of New Years Eve

Upon the eve of New Years Eve, I am looking back through the year as we all do.
So much has happened and I am still reeling from most of it. Trying to prepare for a wedding that was to have happened, postponed until this dreadfulness leaves me, and the worst words you could possibly hear, You have Cancer. Yes, everything has seen to taken a back seat to this last one. It is as if my life has been put on hold. The doctor told me this week, after the chemo treatments and then radiation and starting the hormone therapy, they would not even test me again, to see if all the cancer is gone until it has been about a year. 
When you are faced with looking at days a head and have decisions to make, make them wisely. Use the days wisely. I can tell you living day by day for a year, is not what I would have planned for my life at 43 nor would I for anyone. Yes, I was known to plan maybe a little to much, maybe more organized in some areas than others, but I would trade that all today instead of waiting. Waiting just to know that I am cancer free.

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