Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Traveling Pharmacy

* Warning Possible TMI
I decided to take inventory of my bag tonight. First of all, my beautiful sister Regina got me this incredible bag. It's the must have of all chemo patients. (ps I had to be the envy of all the others at my first session while covered in my black and white patterned throw while they took their cocktails under sterilized white hospital blankets!)

The items listed are not at all what I had originally intended to fill my bag. I read my "chemo bible" and stocked up on individual servings of peanut butter, crackers, apple sauces, and bottled water along with the great blank book and glittery pen my sister got me to jot down notes to my doctor when I think of them. Instead I keep adding to this bag (thank God it's big!) as the days progress. Now I am trying to fight off the flu, thanks to some freak. So i have to take ibuprofen and monitor my temperature. 100.5 is considered urgent to chemo patients. So without further adue, see my packing list!

Hydrocodone 325 mg every 1-2 hours
Potassium CL 10 meq    1 a day
Dexamethadone 4 mg  on days 2 and 3 of chemo each session
Ondansetron HCL 8 mg every 8 hours for nausea
Prochlosperazine 10 mg every 6 hours for nausea
Ibuprofen 200 mg as needed 
Ranitidine 75mg after meals for heartburn 
Blistix deep renewal - for extremely dry lips
salt water/ baking soda rinse for sores in mouth
Digital thermometer
Purell sanitizing gel
Benadryl creme for the numerous rashes rashes all over my body
Vaseline for dry lips
ayr saline for sores in my nose
Ginger, Honey, Lemon chews for nausea
Dulcolax 5 mg (no explanation needed)
Vitamin C 500 mg 2 a day to get rid of this flu crap
Walzan 150 mg to help me keep from itching
One a Day Vita Craves 2 a day vitamins
Lubriderm Daily SPF 15 applied daily because I live in Amarillo
Rose oil & baby oil spray (I made myself) skin very dry due to chemo

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