Sunday, December 30, 2012

Madeline Joy & Kayleigh Faith

My two beautiful daughters, Kayleigh is 24 and Madeline is 17. I could not go through what I am going through right now without them or their help.

I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to help raise my beautiful granddaughter Phoenix Marie who is 3. Kayleigh and Chris work nights so about 4 nights a week I pick Phoenix up after work and then take her home in the morning before I go to work. Some would think it is a lot of work, but she is so good. She keeps herself occupied with playing with her horses and watching Horseland.

Kayleigh has made other arrangements for her sitter Amy to watch her the nights after my Chemo and Nuelasta injections. I hate it when i can't see her but those few days I am in so much pain, that it would not do her any good to see her Mimi like this,much less there is very little I could do for her at that time. Kayleigh has done very well with helping Phoenix understand that Mimi is sick. She knows that I can no longer pick her up due to the PICC line in my left arm and having biopsies in my right. She knew I would loose my hair, although her concern was more that it would make me a boy and not a girl Mimi.
Kayleigh also fixes me meals during the week which is nice to know my kid does know how to cook!

Madeline being 17 still has to carry on with school. She is an A student and takes 2 college classes along with playing volleyball and basketball. Not to mention all her darling friends who keep in touch with me by Facebook, text, or coming over. And her boyfriend of over 2 years Lance. They cook for me over the weekends. Madeline also cleans the house. Going above and beyond, she came home after my first Neulasta injection and found me laying doubled over the toilet in utter pain. She got a hot bath ready, undressed her mother, and put her in the tub, remember I have about 70 pounds on this little girl! She made me squeeze her hand every time the pain came, asking me to breathe like I was in labor. She dressed me and put me to bed with a heating pad.

As a mother this is not what you want for your children. Its not what you want your children to remember about their childhood. Yes, i agree after taking care of my father it made me stronger, a much stronger person. But still your children should have the parents to take care of them always.

To my beautiful girls, I owe you both so much gratitude of the grace you have given me these last few months. You have encouraged me and pushed me farther than I could see. I have the best children in the world. I don't know  what I did do to deserve the best but Thank You God for giving me these girls.


  1. Your girls are so wonderful because of your example of selfless love that you show. Love and prayers constantly come your way.